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Canine Behaviour Consultant & Master Trainer

[email protected]      07875 778 785 and 07435 158 651


Community Protection Notices, Injunctions and Criminal Behaviour Orders

In October 2014, the law regarding dogs and anti-social behaviour changed. The new legislation is "The Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014". Local authorities now have greater powers to deal with owners and dogs where the behaviour causes concern, whether intentional or not. The aim of this legislation is to directly reduce incidents of dangerous and out of control dogs by encouraging more responsible dog ownership and better dog welfare. 

THE DOG HUB has been focused and actively working on these goals since 2008. They have been accepting referrals from statutory bodies (such as the Metropolitan Police, housing officers, social services, hostel management, street wardens, mental health workers, park wardens) to support people experiencing difficulties with the behaviour of their dog(s). This service has worked in partnership with owners and their dogs to help them to avoid legal action and, by liaising with the referrer, to avoid escalation of any actions other - e.g., demotion of tenancy through to eviction, Acceptable Behaviour Agreement through to ASBO. 

If you have been issued with a Community Protection Notice (CPN) under the terms of this Act, you may have been ordered to attend training with your dog, and/or consult a canine behaviourist. At THE DOG HUB we can demonstrate that we have the experience, qualifications and knowledge to help you successfully meet the requirements of the CPN. 

There is no other dog training facility in London with the knowledge and level of experience in this work that we have accumulated since 2008. 

We are offering:

  • individually tailored training specifically addressing the conditions specified in a CPN (Community Protection Notice)
  • courses in dog handling
  • courses in responsible dog ownership

THE DOG HUB also works with dog owners who have received a dog-related INJUNCTION or CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR ORDER (CBO) under the Act. 

The cost of this training will vary depending on a person's individual circumstances and the level of behavioural intervention required. In The London Borough of Camden there are some subsidies available for both one-to-one sessions and classes. 

THE DOG HUB welcomes approaches from other boroughs who want to refer individuals who have received a dog-related CPN, Injunction or CBO. 

THE DOG HUB has undertaken CPD (continuing professional development) by taking a recognised course in December 2014: "DOG CONTROL: ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR, CRIME AND POLICING ACT 2014" with IPC.

Attendance Certificate law seminar: dogs and the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.