Canine Behaviour Consultant & Master Trainer

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with Yaro Novychenko

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TRACKS DOG WALKING is an affiliate of The Dog Hub. 

Yaro has a 2 year old female Doberman that she has trained herself to a high standard. They do agility and caniX together on a regular basis. It is her experience with Cleo that has made Yaro decide to pursue a career with dogs. She plans to make dog walking a step in the ladder towards becoming a qualified canine behaviourist. 

She has also assisted Master Dog Trainer Susan Close (ADipCBM) in puppy training classes and private consultations. Her responsibilities included aiding the trainer with the planning and teaching of each class, assisting clients with the implementation of the taught concepts and maintaining the hygiene and safety of the teaching venue. This experience has taught her how to handle dogs safely and sensitively. 

The services Yaro offers are:

  • regular dog walking (no more than three compatible dogs at a time)
  • includes multiple dog households
  • stimulating and enriched walks
  • specialised dog walking (one at a time for dogs with special behavioural or other needs)
  • puppies through to senior dogs
  • unlike other providers, she will walk entire male dogs
  • she can consult with The Dog Hub's behaviourist if there are any issues the dog has that is giving rise for concern (eg on leash reactivity)
  • covers all Camden borough and can negotiate for other areas
  • she is fully insured
  • rates start at £15 per one-hour one-dog walk - negotiable for longer walks and multiple dog households